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  • Beijing Huaxia Risheng Technology Co. Ltd.is a science and technology enterprise environmental monitoring products, professional production and sale of temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level etc.. Beijing Huaxia Risheng Technology Co., humidity and temperature, pressure, liquid level sensor, transmitter, control instrument, acquisition module and other products, and focus on various industries and field solutions. Products are widely used in automobiles, power, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, transportation, agriculture, water conservancy, construction, heat, warehousing, logistics, medical, food, computer and other industries and fields. Beijing Huaxia Risheng technology limited company always adhere to the "to meet customer requirements, and actively promote the sensing technology progress" the purpose, adhere to the "quality first, customer first, continuous improvement, excellence" quality policy, we sincerely hope that with the vast number of customers at home and abroad to establish a business relationship, and strive to provide satisfactory products and service to customers.


    Address:No. 1, Wei Jia village, Xiangshan South Road, Beijing, Haidian District
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